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App User FAQs

How do I earn and redeem Tooyoou Points?
Tooyoou credits you points if you keep Tooyoou widget (billboard) active on your Android device homescreen and keep using Tooyoou App. Tooyoou Points are credited automatically to your account and are FREE. You can login to Tooyoou Website with your Tooyoou App username and password and redeem 1000 points everyday to spin Tooyoou lucky wheel which converts your Tooyoou points to cash. You will have more options to redeem your Tooyoou points very soon.

I downloaded the app, but am not seeing ads on my homescreen. How do I start receiving ads?

Thanks for downloading the Tooyoou application! There are just a couple of remaining steps to do before your ads are up and running.

Confirm your account:
1.Open the app and enter your email address.
2.Go to your email, click on the message from Tooyoou, follow the simple instructions.

Install the widget:
1.Find a free spot on your homescreen, press and hold your finger on that space for 1 second.
2.Select Widgets from the menu.
3.Select Tooyoou from the list.

That’s it!

If any of that does not make sense, a more detailed explanation is below:

Confirm your account:
1.First, when you open the app for the first time, Tooyoou will ask you for an email address to confirm your account. Please provide us with an up-to-date email address. This address is important because this is the same address Tooyoou will use to send you your monthly earnings! We promise we won’t send you unwanted marketing messages, just your monthly rewards.
2.Second, you will immediately receive an email from Tooyoou in that email account. Open that email and follow the brief instructions to confirm your account.

Install the widget:
1.After confirming your account, you need to install the Tooyoou widget on your homescreen. Start by finding a free spot on your homescreen where you want Tooyoou ads to be displayed. On that free spot, press and hold your finger for one second until the menu pops up.
2.Select “Widget” from the option menu.
3.Select “Tooyoou” from the list of widget options.

You should now see personalized Tooyoou ads displayed on your homescreen. Feel free to click on these ads to learn more information about the featured app, valuable discount, or other messages.

If you have any trouble, email us at and we will help you out!

How much money will I earn?
Right now, our starting monthly user payments are about $0.75 a month. These rates are based on how much advertising we sell (we can’t pay you money unless we sell advertising!), and so they will fluctuate from month to month. Over time, we expect that rate to increase, plus, we are planning to give users like you the opportunity to earn bonus rewards to increase your earn rate soon.

That doesn’t seem like a lot of money. How can I earn more?
First off, at Tooyoou, we think that a little bit of FREE MONEY is way better than no money at all! Thousands of our users agree.

Second, we are working to increase the value of our ads. As Tooyoou sells more ads to more advertisers, your share of the proceeds will go up.

Lastly, we are hoping to soon rollout a new feature where you will be able to earn greater rewards by telling us more about yourself, listing the things you like to buy, using the app a lot, and telling your friends about us. Stay tuned for the update!

How and when will I get paid the money that I earn?
Right now, we pay all our users monthly if they have accrued an account balance of at least $5.00 or more. We will send you a Paypal credit by email on your Next Payment Date shown in Tooyoou App with the balance of your account if it is at least $5.00 or more. If your balance is less than $5.00 you will retain your balance but your next payment date will roll-over to the next month's pay cycle. It happens automatically and easily – you just have to enter a valid Paypal email in Tooyoou App.

Coming soon, we will offer a Tooyoou store in the app, where you can purchase gift certificates or other appealing offerings, earning even greater value than the cash payments of today. Stay tuned for the update!

Why is Tooyoou paying me?
The global advertising market is over $600 billion. That means every year, companies shell out over $600 billion to try to show YOU ads. But YOU don’t get any of that money – it goes to TV stations, newspapers, Google, and other big companies. Tooyoou wants to change this.

We at Tooyoou think that we can create really, really valuable ad space for companies selling cool products, but we can only do it with YOUR help. You opt in to seeing ads on YOUR phone. That space is really valuable. In exchange for your help, Tooyoou is going to share the wealth, by paying you a big piece of the money we earn selling ads.

It’s YOUR phone, YOUR choice, and YOUR money.

Pretty cool, eh?

Why do I need to select my ad preferences?
Tooyoou asks you to select your ad preferences so that we can show you ads that you will find interesting. You don’t have to tell us if you don’t want to. But if you don’t, we are just going to show random ads that might not be appealing to you. The more information you tell us about what you like, the better ads we can show you. That will make the ads more interesting for you. It also means we can sell those ads for more money, and share more of that money with you.

The ads I am seeing are not related to the preferences I selected. What gives?
Tooyoou is still working hard to attract a lot of cool advertisers. While we are starting up, we are going to have just a few ad partners, so there are not a lot of choices of ads to show you. But give us a little time – we promise we will have cool ads for apps, products, and places you will want to check out very soon.

Tooyoou is really cool. How do I share it with my friends?
We are glad you think so. If you want to keep track of the latest Tooyoou developments, you can follow us on Twitter, join our Facebook group, or read our blog. Be sure to share these sites with your friends.

What information do you track about my behavior? Do you track my location?
Tooyoou does collect information about all users. Our requested permissions are stated explicitly on our Overview page in the Android Market, including the “Your Location” permission. Tooyoou occasionally gets an update on user’s approximate location, about once a week, so that we can let advertisers know what parts of the country they can reach with ads.

Who is placing these ads?
We expect that a variety of advertisers are going to be attracted to the valuable billboard space Tooyoou has created with your help. At the start, most of our advertising partners will the app developers, getting the word out to you about their new Android applications. Over time, we hope to attract major brands and even local advertisers to our platform.

What information do these advertisers know about me?
Tooyoou will never share any information about an individual user to an advertiser. We promise. What we will do is let advertisers target large segments of our users to see specific ads that you will find most interesting. So when you tell Tooyoou information about yourself, like your age, gender, income, and buying preferences, we will average all those statistics. Then, when an advertiser wants to show a specific ad, let’s say for a new golf app in the Android Market, we can help that advertiser find users who might be interested in golf, based on where they live, their age, etc.

All the information you give Tooyoou will be YOUR choice. We will always ask you to share that information directly. The more information you share, the more valuable your ad space becomes, and the more money you and Tooyoou can earn.

How do I uninstall the Tooyoou app?
For whatever reason, if you decide you do not like the Tooyoou app, you can easily uninstall the app just like any other app on your phone. When you do, Tooyoou will delete you user information automatically.